Freak accident on Ketam Mountain causes Singaporean cyclist’s testicles to explode

File Photo Of A Mountain Biking Accident. Source:

A 26-year Singaporean cyclist is recovering from serious injuries to his genitals after he was involved in a freak accident at Pulau Ubin’s Ketam Mountain Bike Park on Saturday. According to witness reports, the man lost control of his bike on a steep section of the trail known as the ‘Black Cobra Drop’.

“The Black Cobra has claimed a few victims in the past, but never anything like this,” said one rider who witnessed the incident. “He came over the drop too fast and bounced out of his saddle. Then he came straight back down on the center bar of his bike. It didn’t look pretty”

The injured man was said to have emitted a shrill scream before passing out on the ground. Witnesses rushed to his aid and gingerly rolled down the unconscious man’s lycra shorts. “I was preparing myself for serious injuries, but even so I was still shocked to see his [testicles] had completely exploded,” said one of the cyclists who attempted to provide first aid. “There was almost no sign of them left. The only way I can describe it was that it reminded me of a pair of cracked eggs.”

The man was rushed to a nearby medical facility where he is said to be in a stable condition. “There was nothing we could do for his testicles,” said one of the surgeons who worked on the man. “However, he is lucky that his testicles acted as a shock absorber and shielded his penis from the impact with the bike’s center bar, otherwise he may have also lost that.”

The surgeon has seen a number of cycling-related injuries, but says this particular case is by far the worst. “It seems that the rider landed at the worst possible place, and his lycra shorts didn’t offer any protection. The testicles unfortunately are the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy, and the pressure of the abrupt collision was far too great for them to cope.”

It is believed the while the man was an experienced road cyclist, he wasn’t well versed in mountain biking. “I’ve seen some great road cyclists get injured when they go mountain biking because it’s quite a different form of riding,” said one of the cyclists who witnessed the incident. “In particular, the fact he was wearing lycra while mountain biking would suggest he’s not appropriately dressed for the occasion.”

The bike path on Ketam Mountain is located around the fringe of a quarry in Pulau Ubin and was opened to the public in 2008. The park offers a number of trails of varying difficulty, ranging from tracks suitable for beginners up to a double-black diamond trail that offers steep climbs for more experienced riders.