Minnesota bar’s ‘face slapping contest’ ends in serious assault

An unrelated file photo of two women fighting. Source: Facebook
An unrelated file photo of two women fighting. Source: Facebook

It was just meant to be a “a competition in which willing contestants take turns slapping each other in the faces,” according to a promoter of the event at a popular bar in St. Paul. However, according to reports by local media, it turned into something far more violent.

According to police, the ‘slap fest’ escalated to the point that one of the participants was later assaulted outside the venue by at least six people. However, a promoter involved with the event claims that what happened outside was ‘was unrelated to the earlier slapping contest’.

Local media reported that a 25-year-old Anoka woman claimed to have been at Arnellia’s Bar on University Avenue, near Lexington Parkway, and had taken part in a ‘smack fest’ at the bar.

KeshaRae, a promoter of the event, told the press that Arnellia’s has hosted prior smack fests. “It’s pure adult fun,” she said. According to the rules of the smack fest, only women are allowed to participate, and all those involved must sign a waiver. There are three rounds, consisting of three smacks each.

The grand prize for the participant crowned smack champ? $175.

A witness who attended the event said: “After the competition, the victim and her opponent spoke and neither was upset about the outcome.”

However, when the victim later left the bar, she found her rival in the smack fest waiting outside, with around six other associates. According to the witness, the group proceeded to ‘punch [the victim] in the nose and knock her to the ground’, before a male suspect used his foot to stomp her face.  It’s also bene reported that one of the perpetrators lost their wig during the fight, which was later found at the scene.

The victim was rushed to hospital and reportedly suffered significant bruising on both sides of her face, while two artificial nails were also ripped from her fingers.

Promoter KeshaRae told journalists: “I just think that once people get outside after having some liquor, fights sometimes break out and that’s just any bar — it doesn’t mean anything happened inside.”

There have been no reports of arrests involving this incident to date, and also no word yet if the venue will continue offering ‘smack fests’ in the future.