Plans for an 80-foot statue of ‘Mother Canada’ stir online debate

An early design of the proposed statue. Source: Facebook
An early design of the proposed statue. Source: Facebook

In news that has environmental activists chomping at the bit, there are plans currently underway in Canada to build a 24-meter high statue of a figure known as ‘Mother Canada’.

The purpose of the statue is to commemorate the Canadian soldiers that perished during battles, but there are vocal critics of the plans who disagree with the chosen location: a national park.

The planned site is rich in natural beauty, which would add to the appeal of the memorial, but some critics have cited this as another reason why the statue shouldn’t be built at the site.

However, the huge statue does have some support, with veteran’s groups giving the project their seal of approval.

At this point it’s not certain if the memorial will go ahead, as there has been no official start date for construction announced.

Some environmental groups have taken to Facebook to complain about the plan. “I’m a patriotic person, but I don’t believe we need to put a great big statue in the middle of this peaceful national park,” wrote a Toronto-based woman.