Two weeks jail for Singapore woman found with ‘39 pet cats’ in home

File photo of multiple cats in one cage. Source: Facebook
File photo of multiple cats in one cage. Source: Facebook

A Singapore woman who was found to have 39 pet cats in her home has received a two week jail sentence. According to reports filed by local media outlets, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) receiver a public tip-off about ‘animal faecal odour’ from her apartment.

After investigating, the AVA discovered 39 cats inside cages at the property, which were ‘caked with faeces’, and the animals themselves were in a poor condition. Shortly after the discovery, four cats passed away, while another was put down.

The surviving 34 cats were sent to an animal shelter for adoption by the public. A spokesperson for the shelter said: “We can really attest to the suffering and trauma of the cats that were rescued from this hoarder… We urge cat owners who are breeding and have not sterilised their cats to do so to avoid a situation when cat keeping spirals out of control to the detriment of everyone – cats, owner and community.”

AVA made a statement on the matter, saying: “Hoarding of pets may also cause public safety, nuisance and hygiene issues to the community, such as pests. AVA urges pet owners not to hoard animals, and be responsible and considerate pet owners so as not to cause inconvenience to the community.”